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Reinforcement planning with high adjustment convenienceReinforcement planning with high adjustment convenience

Ongoing planning during construction is increasingly becoming standard procedure. CAD solutions for structural design, reinforcement and precast production and erection planning make it possible to react flexibly to short-term changes and to avoid errors.
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3D embedded parts and assembly components are designed in STRAKON3D embedded parts and assembly components are designed in STRAKON

An increasing number of manufacturers also now offer their embedded parts in digital form, as three-dimensional models. With the direct link of the STRAKON 2014 structural design software to the new 3D online catalog, 3D embedded parts can now be conveniently and quickly selected from various manufacturers and added to the STRAKON embedded-parts catalog.
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Speeding up the design process with STRAKON 2014Speeding up the design process with STRAKON 2014

One of the highlights of the new STRAKON 2014 version is its 3D reinforcement design tool. The primary focus of the developers at software supplier DICAD was on increasing efficiency, but they also wanted to ensure continuity of the previous workflow, as well as easy input, labeling and dimensioning.
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DICAD Forum 2013: Knowledge provides a competitive edgeDICAD Forum 2013: Knowledge provides a competitive edge

A series of events organized by DICAD Systeme GmbH will demonstrate how planning can be streamlined and how the balance of expense and income can be improved with the aid of modern software tools.
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3D PDF: Presenting projects interactively3D-PDF: Presenting projects interactively

Exporting, displaying, highlighting or correcting CAD drawings individually or in stacks as PDF files - CAD users have already previously been able to do. The PDF format, after all, has become an important standard for ...
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Optimized structural design with STRAKON 2013Optimized structural design with STRAKON 2013

With STRAKON 2013, DICAD Systeme GmbH of Cologne, Germany, presents a new version of its structural design, formwork and reinforcement planning software.
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Overview and element planning: less working time, more profitOverview and element planning: less working time, more profit

Saving time is the issue of the present days. It is not only important to be able to issue planning documents quickly.
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CAD in structural engineeringCAD in structural engineering

In "finishing" of a project planning process the structural data needed for the construction of a building structure are generated, represented in the planning documents and are made available.
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